Fake it with Flowers this August!

We are now in the midst of August, the sun seems to be making the occasional brief appearance from behind the grey clouds and when the opportunity for a bit of sun arises it’s the perfect time to go outside, and for many to get some gardening done too.

For those who are not particularly green fingered however, wanting to take a more laid back approach to the summer weather this year and not spend too many hours gardening or watering the plants, we have the perfect solution for you…

Artificial flowers.

Faux flowers?! I hear you gasp in disbelief. Although the suggestion of artificial flowers may leave you pessimistic at first, today's artificial flowers are not as you might remember them to be in your grandmother’s house, sat in the sad looking pot in the corner collecting dust. Nowadays faux flowers are extremely convincing and growing rapidly in popularity. There are obvious benefits to these low maintenance artificial blooms - they provide instant decoration, they're cost-effective, and if you can't manage to keep your indoor plants alive, then faux ones are probably the best option for you. Using fake plants and trees in your home also means that if you go on holiday you do not have to worry about asking a neighbour to come and water the plants. Now if you’re not already convinced, take a moment to look at some of our flower suggestions below:

Go bright and bold for the summer 

Tropical plants are an excellent way of introducing a splash of colour to any room setting.

Not only are they brilliantly vibrant, they have a unique structure – that adds a sculptural element to your home. Tropical plants are currently right on trend, especially the large Monstera leaves which look fantastic paired with the likes of the brighter Anthuriums, Heliconias and Ginger Lilies. Keep it simple with small colourful arrangement or go large and over the top to create a show stopping creation of colour!

Keep it simple and stylish

White and green are the perfect subtle colour combination for all year round and these neutral colours make it easy to adapt and add extra colour seasonally throughout the year. Hydrangeas, roses, orchids are classic flowers amongst many more that all work beautifully within the green and white colour combination. It’s also easy to combine a variety of these white flowers together and get experimental with what you can create within this colour scheme. The neutral tones enable the arrangement to be added to continuously and constantly changed or developed if one should wish.  

If you’re struggling with your flower arrangements, feel free to pop into store for advice, as our staff are always very willing to help.

August 13, 2017 by Samantha Cross