Lighting a Room

When planning any new scheme within your home, Lighting should be one of your top priorities. So we’ve put together a quick guide to achieving the perfect light within a space.

Natural Light

An assessment of the natural light is a good starting point. Understanding how the natural light will change throughout the day and how this will affect certain areas of your room is always beneficial when deciding what you need to do. It will also help indicate where to place additional illumination. Remember, mirrors are also an excellent tool used to enhance natural light and they also create the illusion of more space.

The Functionality of the Room

Knowing what the space will be used for is key.

In a living room use a combination of ambient and direct lighting. This will create layers within a space. Consider a dimmer on your main lights to enable you to adjust the amount of light you require throughout the day and on different occasions. 

If it’s a functional area such as a kitchen, there is a greater requirement for direct lighting. Pinpoint your work areas firstly, and light them accordingly. If you have a breakfast bar or small kitchen table, consider a different style of lighting overhead, for example lower hanging dome lights. They will create an aesthetic feature within a space that is usually minimalistic and simplistic. 

Within a dining room, chandeliers are a popular form of lighting. There are multiple styles from intricate and delicate to robust and sleek. Try and source a style that suits your decor as well as gives you the correct amount of light within this space. You could have one central chandelier, or you may find having two evenly spaced lamps balances the light better. Again having a dimmer allows you to create a softer glow, making your space look relaxed and inviting. 

Bedrooms should feature good reading lights by the bed and symmetry is important to create balance - so make sure you have 2! Consider wall lights as well as lamp bases on bedside tables, depending on your own style and decor.  Clear glass lights hanging either side of the bed are very trendy! If you have a desk, a key light would be a table lamp here as well. Use a different design to your reading lamps as this will be a feature piece as well as functional. A task light for getting dressed is also essential so don't forget this.

Here at Colony Interiors we have a range of lighting solutions for all situations. Come in and discuss you requirements with us! You may also find our Lighting Design Masterclass useful.

May 12, 2017 by Samantha Cross