New Year, new colours!

It is with such great excitement that we unboxed our long awaited and hugely successful new candle order from one of our European suppliers yesterday. These beautifully crafted long tapered candles come in matte or lacquered finishes and if you have visited our showroom and purchased them before you will know what exceptional quality they are. Tried and tested by ourselves they burn for roughly 11 hours and do not drip - guaranteed!

When it came to choosing colours for Spring/Summer 2019 the team was inspired by this year's Pantone colour which is Coral as well as all the brights and lights we have been looking forward to all through winter.

Although we are not quite over the cold yet, pop over for a few of these gem coloured beauties - chances are you will be as inspired by them as us!


January 16, 2019 by Eloise Walker